#DJuniors Workshop no.1

That finally happened! DOOK.pro is launching a cycle of Django Workshops for Juniors = DJuniors. Prepare yourself to become the next DJunior during our 2-day workshops.

For newbies:

Django is "a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design." on top of Python - "a clear and powerful object-oriented programming language, comparable to Perl, Ruby, Scheme, or Java." (by stackshare.io). Be sure that you finished your very first project @DjangoProject.


The first one will be held on 8-9.May 2015, from 1pm (GMT+1) to last guest on Friday and from 10am to 6pm on Saturday.


Please, subscribe to our newsletter before 30th April 2015, includeyour github ID and e-mail to get details on how to qualify, what to bring and how the schedule will look like. The number of slots is limited to 20. Workshops will be a mix of decks and practical exercises which will result in forming a 3-4 teams leaded by our Team Leaders.




We are a professional team of IT specialists who want to help you build business and develop ideas. We specialize in web & mobile applications. 

We think global, like the term "cosmopolitan" and do our job OK.

We offer a full-service project management  & development for local (Poland) and abroad clients in English, Russian & German.


Contact us if you need more details
Dmitrij Żatuchin
Managing Director
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We believe that every successful project we are working on is also our success. To achieve this, you need a good and strong team. A team of people, which in addition has the knowledge and talent. That is why we do not use half measures, temporary solutions and stencil patterns. We approach every project with the same commitment to give of ourselves 100%.


With this philosophy, we have completed more than 80 successful IT projects, and we are still hungry for the next.


Want to join our team and start working in a software consulting company? Come'on, give us a hug and let's meet-up in our office in Wrocław/PL.


  • Interesting job for international and polish clients.
  • Supreme atmosphere and helpful colleagues.
  • Fair salary paid on time.
  • Flexible timetable.
  • Work in a nice neighborhood @ our climatic office in Wroclaw/Poland.
  • Breaks in our rest-room with foosball table.
We're looking for:


  • Team Leader with strong communication skills, project management experience and knowledge of the whole development process in such technologies as Django/Python, HTML/CSS/JS, PHP or Java
  • Web developer with strong Django/Python skills and knowledge on other technologies (PHP, Java),
  • Mobile developer - iOS and/or Android
  • Interns - Front-end developer, Django Web developer, Mobile Developer
Are you interested to join us? send usYOUR CV


DO OK Python & mobile consulting
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53-125 Wrocław
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