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The company aims to help people live healthier lives by building healthy habits in small steps without drastic changes to an individual’s everyday life.


As DO OK, we’ve been working with the client on the project: Actify Vitality Coach app since July 2018.


Actify was founded as an initiative by a health insurer in The Netherlands. 


The app is available on iOS and Android systems.




  • Healthcare
  • HealthTech
  • Backend
  • Consulting
  • Frontend
  • IT Services
  • Mobile App
  • Testing

Project details

About the Client

Actify helps to motivate changing users' habits by reminding them about regular mini-actions in Activity and Healthy Nutrition areas. The user may choose preset goals or set up individual ones and levels of motivation in pedometer, meditations, recipes, and hydration.
Moreover, the app allows access to the external reward program. Actify Vitality Coach app has over 90,000 users, of which women aged 40+ are the largest user group. The application is available to everyone in the Netherlands. 


At first, we had to prepare: the full scope of MVP, user stories, time & budget estimation—all based on a basic app concept and UI mockups made by the client.

The next step was to develop the backend of the custom solution.



We prepared specific user stories to understand the scale and complexity of the flow. We've cooperated closely with the client from the very beginning: every step and feature in user stories were consulted.


From the communication side, we were responsible for providing regular meeting calls, and full access to status with progress agenda to maximize transparency of the project.

We've also engaged the Project Manager, who verifies the estimation and budget compliance, coordinates the project, and availability of the team members.


Designated Tech lead takes care of the concept solutions and verification of technology capabilities based on the client's requirements. The team has planning tasks, discuss and advise the legitimacy and accuracy of answers.


We delivered a complex and reliable application with many functionalities requiring various approaches. Broad technology knowledge helps our team in full commitment to the search for the best-suited solutions.


The solution was developed in Python, DDD/SOLID, Kafka, React Native, React, Kubernetes in agile methods.

Smoothly work is connected with great UX design. The application has been completely redesigned recently. The main goal of working on UI & UX was to be as user friendly as possible.


Our efforts were focused on creating an application running in the background as an unnoticeable routine after the first settings configuration.



  • Python
  • React
  • React Native
  • Kafka
  • Kubernetes

Project Summary

Team size
  • 10 developers
  • Project Manager
  • UI&UX Designer
Project size
  • +23 300h
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