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Versa - a patented asset tracker

Versa actively tracks luggage anywhere in the world. The tracker uses a combination of technologies to track & communicate a bag’s location accurately. It is compliant with aviation regulations and allowed on board. Versa connects with the leading providers of baggage management information and real-time flight information, like SITA, OAG, and TripIT

  • Aerospace
  • IoT
  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • Mobile App
  • Software Consulting

Project details


Millions of people are struggling with a lack of knowledge of what is going with a suitcase. On the other hand, airlines have losses due to lost or delayed luggage Versa disrupts that state-of-art by developing a product, which is a luggage tracker device. Versa product in a suitcase can track the luggage everywhere around the world. Versa was developing a hardware product without adequate software solutions to complement it. They had no existing wireframes. It won’t be possible to deliver a solution to customers this way. The client needed a competent software development team to build a software solution from scratch to IoT hardware (tracker) and backend solution.


DO OK delivered the total solution - complete wireframes and a full software solution from scratch: the backend, the API, and the two mobile apps (iOS, Android), PWA. The team helped figure out the best way to achieve from a technical implementation and concept perspective.


  • Go
  • Python
  • React
  • Kubernetes

Project Summary

Team size
  • 3-5 developers, Scrum Master, QA Engineer
Project size
  • > 5000 hours since 2016 (ongoing)
Portfolio Devices

Versa - a patented asset tracker


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