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January 2015r.


for: BreakBuddy


Breakbuddy.dk a Danish startup that provides profesjom sitting a little movement during operation. For this competition, corporate rankings, exercise video, a client application and a lot of ideas on the activity of the 5-minute intervals.
We are responsible for the development of a functional part of the Product in accordance with the vision and service status on SLA.
Breakbuddy.dk is a Danish startup that provides for sitting professions a little more movement during their daily operations. App includes corporate rankings, exercise videos, a client application and a lot of ideas on the activities during 5-minute breaks.
We are responsible for the development of a functional part of the Product in accordance with the product owners' vision and maintenance.  

  • Django

  • Angular.js

December 2014r.


for: J2G Sp. z o.o.

inMUSIC.pl is a community-driven "imbd for music".  DOOK.pro is responsible for UX, backend and front-end functionalities, and also integrations with external vendors (payments, analytics, ads, forum, knowledge db). We do administration and SLA services.  Total time: 2500h.

  • Django

  • Python

  • Celery

  • Solr

  • Paylane

  • Freebase

December 2014r.

for: Ronox Technology

  • Django

  • Python

November 2014r.


for: Platforma Obywatelska

We have completed a nationwide service for the local elections in 2014 for Civic Platform. The scope of the tasks included UX design and graphics, database import, the integration of data from the PMC, postcodes, GIS data and GeoIP, front-end development and implementation of the administrative panel of the site to the production server.

  • Django

  • Python

  • GeoIP

  • GIS

February 2014r.


for: IAM

A comprehensive migration and implementation of the largest portal for promoting Polish culture in the country and abroad - Culture.pl.

  • HTML

  • Drupal

  • Python

  • JavaScript

January 2014r.


for: Respectance

Respectance is a social networking site for people who have passed away. The site allows people to create profiles so they can share memories and remember lost loved ones in a personalized way. Respectance lets you create a tribute to people who have died by uploading text, photos, and videos. DOOK did a complex migration from an old platform, built the new platform from scratch and services as an IT team of that startup.

  • HTML

  • Django

  • JQuery Mobile

  • Paypal

  • FB SDK

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While maintaining a high level of quality of work, we have developed a unique style - fast, efficient and free of defects. We are able to provide simple solutions for complex projects - faster than others. Chasing deadlines, and the media already ordered? With dook.pro you will always be on time and certainly will be happy enough :)

During the search for individual solutions for our clients we engage the whole team, knowledge and best known to us patterns taken from practice. We certainly do not belong to the companies reaching the sitter. We focus on professional approach in each letter of the word. The whole process is divided into four main parts: Analysis, Process design, Production, and Testing.

We offer something more than a job well done - relationships. This is part of our philosophy of life and work. We build relationships, and then cultivate them, thanks that we provide a friendly atmosphere during joint operations between Client and DOOK.pro.

Neat and attractive websites, comfortable interface, imaginative and distinctive applications and games, thoughtful solutions - we are doing just fine. From concept through sketches and design to implementation and ongoing support. You'll never forget the job we did together!

In addition to commercial work we serve as a IT partner at various of Startups. We also help to create and implement ideas having tight budget in glance. We have there experience as we produced a bunch of them to date (like Respectance.com, PeopleRead.me, Edustation.me or GetTheEgg). We love that and it helps to maintain the freshness of mind and keep us updated to the new technologies and ideas.

Our proprietary product - MallMap - is a flexible tool for the management of retail, office or mall space. W

We offer SaaS or corporate deployment licensing.
The system is used by Unibail Rodamco (CH Warszawa Wileńska, CH Arkadia, CH Galeria Mokotów) or Raclawicka Center.
Test the demo of MallMap and contact us.

Racławicka Center



We are a professional team of IT specialists who want to help you build business and develop ideas. We specialize in web & mobile applications. 

We think global, like the term "cosmopolitan" and do our job OK.

We offer a full-service project management  & development for local (Poland) and abroad clients in English, Russian & German.


Contact us if you need some more information
Dmitrij Żatuchin
Managing Director
tel.: 0048 71 736 63 75

We believe that every successful project we are working on is also our success. To achieve this, you need a good and strong team. A team of people, which in addition has the knowledge and talent. That is why we do not use half measures, temporary solutions and stencil patterns. We approach every project with the same commitment to give of ourselves 100%.


With this philosophy, we have completed more than 80 successful IT projects, and we are still hungry for the next.


Want to join our team and start working in a software consulting company? Come'on, give us a hug and let's meet-up in our office in Wrocław/PL.


  • Interesting job for international and polish cients.
  • Supreme atmosphere and helpful colleagues.
  • Fair salary paid on time.
  • Flexible timetable.
  • Work in a nice neighborhood @ our climatic office in Wroclaw/Poland.
  • Breaks in our rest-room with foosball table.
We're looking for:


  • Team Leader with strong communication skills, project management experience and knowledge of the whole development process in such technologies as Django/Python, HTML/CSS/JS, PHP or Java
  • Web developer with strong Django/Python skills and knowledge on other technologies (PHP, Java),
  • Mobile developer - iOS and/or Android
  • Interns - Front-end developer, Django Web developer, Mobile Developer
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DO OK Software consulting
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