DO OK is part of the top 7% global software engineering vendors on Pangea - DO OK

DO OK is part of the top 7% global software engineering vendors on Pangea

We are proud to announce that DO OK is now a verified Pangea vendor. This means that we have been recognized as part of an elite community of the top 7% software engineering companies and through our Pangea profile, we will further our commitment to transparency towards our current and future partners.

DO OK joined Pangea to provide unparalleled transparency

Verified as part of an elite vendor community

At DO OK, we always strive to establish long lasting relationships with our clients and provide them with unparalleled transparency about our company, services, people and internal processes.


Having this in mind, we decided to go through a thorough external verification process with Pangea - a leading platform for hiring the top 7% companies within software development. The process involved a deep dive into DO OK as a company - our technical capabilities, project metrics, business strategy, HR & recruitment policies, finances and more.


During the process, we have also received valuable insights and feedback from our clients and team members. Our profile provides a snapshot of our client-based KPI’s and on our Pangea blog, you can read more about how life at DO OK is for our people.


While the verification process was rigorous and demanding, it has been a perfect way for us to learn more about our company, identify strengths we were underestimating, but also to have a clearer overview of areas we must improve, so that we can continue being a trusted software development partner for our clients.



DO OK is proud to be a Pangea community member  

Key findings and learnings


After submitting all deliverables required by Pangea, it was time to receive our verdict and learn how our clients and team members perceive us. Our overall result was 8.8/10 - the average Pangea score at the moment being 8.4/10.

As part of the verification process, we have also invited our employees to submit a survey that would ultimately allow us and Pangea to better understand the well-being of our people. Our team health result was 9/10 - 3.3% above average. Our people rated us especially good for their well-being, personal growth and peer rapport. 


”My favorite part about working at DO OK is the fact that I have real influence in the company and can see my contribution having a positive effect. I feel a great mixture of support and trust from the organization, which results in a mutually beneficial synergy. I know I can lean on my colleagues if any of my problems go outside my area of expertise, and they know they can rely on me in the same way.” 

Artur Lagiewka, Senior Backend Developer & DevOps Engineer at DO OK 


In terms of our clients, our current Pangea score is 8.6/10, scoring highest for our Customer Journey, Project Management skills and Business Maturity.

In DO OK, we also perform regural NPS studies with our clients and review them at least twice a year - currently having a very good score of 76. On the other hand, we received our lowest Pangea score for Quality Assurance - feedback which we as a company took very seriously, especially within our delivery and engineering departments.

Our clients also left some insightful testimonials about their collaboration with DO OK. Here is what one of them had to say about us: 


”We have been working together with DO OK on a challenging and highly complex IoT platform. They have been a strong partner and we have relied on their technical expertise in order to be able to make deliverables on the project.” 

CTO at Leading IoT Engineering company from Norway


Our CTO, Jacek, in between meetings at a company event


Growth is a journey, not a destination


Being part of the top 7% global software engineering vendors on Pangea is yet another great milestone for DO OK, but we are only getting started. We are committed to becoming the best version of ourselves for our clients, partners and employees.


Our progress will be constantly documented on our verified Pangea profile, through which we strive to offer a fully transparent glimpse into our company. Last but not least, we would like to once again thank all our clients, people and the Pangea team for their support throughout this verification process.

Need a professional nearshore delivery team? Contact us! 



DO OK Office room for workshops


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