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BMLL is on a mission to help people make more informed decisions on capital markets. Its vision is to unlock the predictive power of pricing data and offer clients the insight they need to understand how markets behave  DO OK boosted the amount of data available from day one. We've integrated gigabytes of data files from multiple stock exchange sources into one industry-standard, fulfilling complex requirements for that kind of job. Now, research scientists can quickly and efficiently investigate the problems their organization faces.

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Project details

About the client

BMLL Technologies Ltd is a scale-up Financial Technology firm, based in London. BMLL was incorporated back in 2014 and is a spin-off from the signal processing labs at Cambridge University. BMLL has rapidly expanded its staff and client reach since then. BMLL looks to combine software, hardware, and analytics on a single, scalable platform. Our client provides a powerful platform for analyzing Limit Order Book and Complementary Datasets in the cloud. However, building up this bedrock of data for the analytics to run on was the challenge.


Generating insights from the data in the financial markets is challenging: over 150 different trading venues, over 10,000 liquid tickers, different exchange feeds, protocols, data structures, and trading rules which change over time.


Creating multiple parsers to analyze and normalize each of the datasets to build up a solid history of data for the platform.


The work of our team boosted the number of parallel developed parsers. The product was launched on-time with an impressive amount of data available from day one. Research scientists can quickly and efficiently investigate the problems their organization faces.


  • Python

Project Summary

Team size
  • 2-6 developers
Project size
  • 8000+ hours
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We have collaboration with on and off for a couple of years and their understanding of our domain has built up over time. Coupled with their flexibility and the skill of their developers, were are able to accelerate the development of our platform.


Cooperation with you was a pleasure for our team. We are happy that we could help!

Tomasz Honsza

Project Manager & Authorized Signatory

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