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Discover your business with us. Workshops for Startups

Take part in free online trial session of discovery workshops dedicated to the startups' founders on the early stage of development.

Together we will identify which challenges are the most important and show how to work out a roadmap.


We are a team of experienced software developers and business consultants that concentrate on delivering IT solutions based on value-focused business strategies that can fuel your growth.


See in which areas we can help you

What are the stages that lead from idea to the release of a software product?

You have an idea and want to start a business based on that. You want to learn what are the stages of development that kind of product and where should you start the business.

What risks may appear at the beginning of software development?

You have an idea and know the stages in product development. You want to learn what kind of risks and blind-spots may come during working on the IT solution.

How to estimate project development?

You're familiar with software development stages and business models. you want to learn how to estimate the costs and time needed to finish every stage.

How to assess the business model of my idea before starting the development of the solution?

You want to learn how to put together and evaluate your business model before the stage of software development.

How to form the right product vision and translate it into the working MVP?

You have a proven-track of the business offline. You want to learn what's needed to prepare to start working or MVP scaling.

What challenges do you face?

Our goal is to address challenging areas and adapt the webinar program to the needs of participants. Based on our experience, we have prepared several topics, but we are open to your suggestions.

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Is it for me?

Trial-session of the workshop is the perfect match when you need to structure the idea, find out how to prepare a proof-of-concept, or transform your process to digital service.
Our team will meet with selected startup founders and top managers to help them discover the approach of developing an application or system they’re after:

A solid backlog

It aims to structure logical parts and can be improved further when you start software development.

The initial plan

Divides the backlog into phases or milestones, designed to prevent scope creep when the idea hasn’t been tested yet.

Initial system architecture

Covers the overall level of quality and cost, you need to achieve your goals. That helps in making the decision on the quality level and scalability that will be required for the first version of the product.

List of crucial assumptions

Contains also dependencies, and risks that need to be taken into consideration when implementing the idea.

With this at hand, you'll be able to continue implementing your idea and growing your business. Awareness of both technical and business risks and dependencies will let you execute faster and with fewer hoops.

You can save a lot of time through quick access to proven know-how. 

Push your idea into a working IT solution.

The trial-discovery workshop simulates the full-length seminars that we have been making with our clients. We challenge our participants to learn new modes of team-based problem solving, ideation, and business model development to create a working foundation for a viable company.


Our workshop program has been tested with clients from varied industries and on different stages of startup development.

"The project began with a discovery workshop which allowed us to establish the proof of concept. Before completion, the product was available for testing and DO OK provided full support with adjusting the product based on our feedback." ~ Project Manager @ Translavic


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