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Craft your digital product roadmap with us.

Join our online trial session of discovery workshops. It's specially crafted for startups founders on their pre-seed and seed-stage.

Together we will identify which growth challenges are of the highest priority. This will result in "a-ha" artefacts and show how to deliver a business roadmap

Why we are credible? We've won and failed many times before and have seen how our clients scale-up their companies. Now, we know which of value-focused business strategies can fuel your growth and want to share them with you.

And what did our recent Finnish client appreciated most? "I did not only understand better my company, but also myself."

So, ask for contact to hear more directly!

Key results of a workshop

The value-driven pyramid

We squeeze the purpose and values of your business to put it into a very readable pyramid. You will have solid material to write your competitive advantage.

The value-driven backlog

The main goal here is to map core features to stakeholders’ value pyramids on emotional and functional levels. It aims to plan product crafting on a high-level to customers needs, and structure logical parts which can be improved further.

The initial plan

Divides the backlog into phases or milestones, designed to prevent scope creep when the idea hasn’t been tested yet. Phases might mean also research for market fit, product design, or user experience tests.

List of crucial assumptions & ballpark

Contains dependencies or risks that need to be taken into consideration when implementing the idea. Covers the overall level of quality and ballpark value of the investment you need to make it happen. Sometimes the recommendation you will get will sound "no go" - so it will save tons of hours and money.

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What are the stages that lead from idea to the release of a product?

You have an idea and want to start a business based on that. You want to learn what are the stages of development that kind of product and where should you start the business.

What risks may appear at the beginning of software development?

You have an idea and know the stages in product development. You want to learn what kind of risks and blind-spots may come during working on the IT solution.

How to estimate the effort for design & development?

You're familiar with software development stages and business models. You want to learn how to estimate the costs and time needed to finish every stage.

How to assess the business model of my idea before investing cash?

You want to learn how to put together and evaluate your business model before the first stage of the product lifecycle.

How to form the right product vision and transform it into the product roadmap?

You want to have fundamentals in place and find the core values of your business. You want to discover the emotional and functional values of your customers. These artefacts help to prioritize product features.


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