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DoConnect® - smart connectivity between your product and the app.

DoConnect® - smart connectivity between your product and the app.

If you are the IoT product owner, time to market and expense to launch the customer application is your top priority.

We can support you with time and money savings, which your company can spend on winning customers faster. 

DoConnect®is a software solution for connectivity between your device and mobile application. With it you are up to 3x faster and 3x cheaper to deploy your customer application for the IoT product.

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Why? We understand the importance of reducing software development cost. Every penny you save for marketing of the innovative IoT product increases your sales volume. That's why we made DoConnect® 

How? We've built a platform that combines years of expertise in mobile application development, with IoT expertise, and the real needs of our customers.  

What? Software modules ready to support hardware chips and connect your business through BLE, WiFi, GPS/LTE, or LPWA. We deliver out-of-the-box connectivity, authentication, remote service with OTA, and data observability. 

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BEHA Smart Heater uses IoT DoConnect Platform

6000 Sfty smart wifi fire alarms connected with DoConnect


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