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DoConnect® - Your Business. Smarter.

DoConnect® - Your Business. Smarter.

You want people to apply their energies to achieve new horizons or overcome current challenges. You may not need Big Data at all. What you do, is an evidence-based structure of your business to support your decisions. 

DoConnect®is an evidence-driven IoT Cloud platform, where thousands of device-experts are gathering dispersed information to capture the collective wisdom from the landscape of your business. 

Focus on Your business. Smarter.


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Why? We know the importance of predictive maintenance in your digital factory. That's why we made DoConnect for you - small to medium enterprise manager, to help address both business continuity and growth of operational efficiency goals.

How? We've built a platform that combines human-AI with machine learning to deliver significant insights collected horizontally from overlapping industries. These actions will be food for brains to your empowered employees to decide. 

What? Software ready to support hardware chips and connect your business to the cloud. We deliver out-of-the-box connectivity, authentication, remote-service with OTA, and ongoing data analysis. 

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BEHA Smart Heater uses IoT DoConnect Platform

6000 Sfty smart wifi fire alarms connected with DoConnect


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