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Team of Digital Transformation Challengers

Team of Digital Transformation Challengers

What drives us is a mission for a sustainable future, possible to achieve with wise application of the software. 100 clients, 10 years on the market, and millions of people positively affected.

DO OK is a technology consultancy and software development company. We deliver value-focused artefacts like product roadmaps, a pyramid of value, UX & design, or software ready to serve millions of people. 

Basic human needs like security, care, or honesty drive our team to assist you in the process of making the best possible decision with available data. Let's start with a virtual handshake.

Meet the team

Milestones of our story

Meet our team

Dmitrij Żatuchin


Optimistic believer in meaningful relations, inner-growth and mindfulness. Inspired by the culture of Nordics, brings positive vibes to his teammates and clients. For the balance, he has PhD in Computer Science.

Marijn de Jong

Executive Director Benelux

Niels Henrik Sørensen

Director Denmark

Terje Fjeldvig

Country Representative Norway

Sari Brander

Country Representative Finland

Tomasz Honsza

Project Manager & Authorized Signatory

Responsible for managing projects from project commencement to completion and handover. He works with project initiation/proposals, delivery, stakeholder communication and management.

Katarzyna Pająk

HR Manager

Tomasz Timoszyk

Project Manager & Branch Manager

His domain is the full project lifecycle from business analytics, understanding, planning through testing, implementation, closing, and service maintenance to deliver projects' scopes just in time and budget. A problem-solving team player with over 8 years of experience in the IT industry. Other people about him: "Tomek is the right person to carry out innovative projects in a friendly atmosphere." Favorite beverage: water

Anca Papainog

Lead Research Specialist

Anca has a background in marketing and business development, having worked with SME’s and tech-based startups in countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Spain. A person with a true entrepreneurial spirit, Anca has a good eye for spotting new opportunities and a passion for creating value for others

Piotr Maniewski

Senior Business Analyst

Tomasz Wąsiński

Team Leader Backend Developer

Tomasz specializes in functional languages. He likes well-formatted, clean, readable code, and clear architecture. Not a fan of writing about himself.

Katarzyna Leszczyńska-Bohdan

HRBP • Team Coach

Kate is a psychologist by profession, a real communication explorer, and strategist by passion. She supports the team in achieving business goals by building valuable relationships with clients and partners through hard data and a culture of openness, honesty, and transparency. Privately loves motorcycling, snowboarding, and traveling to places with good food.

Jakub Petrykowski

Team Coach

I love working with individuals, solving problems together, helping them grow. We all need some guidance to do well in whatever area we specialize in. I strive to invite others to consciously improve their mindset and skill.

Justina Palmileraite

Customer Experience & Project Manager

Yannick Caron

Country Representative The Netherlands

Yannick is known for asking questions about the true business value of a digital solution. He likes to listen and talk to people to learn how the business works and how a digital product fits in their business model. Using his understanding of the business, he can help clients with understanding the effects of their technological choices on their overarching goals.

Thomas de Jong

Country Representative The Netherlands

His affinity for the software industry grew significantly during his earlier experiences in digital companies. His passion for digital innovation, combined with a solution-driven mindset, allows Thomas to understand the opportunities and challenges clients face truly. For DO OK, he uses these skills to collaborate with clients, developers, and business analysts and come up with the best approach for the task at hand.

Karolina Mrozek

Recruitment Specialist

Piotr Broniszewski

Senior Frontend Developer

Piotr Wojdon

Team Leader Senior QA Engineer

A funny guy with a creative mind. Always keen to break apps (and other things), but only in order to make them better.

Grzegorz Szymański

Software Developer

Grzegorz is interested in new technologies, especially web development since a very young age. His hallmark is a big smile and a positive attitude

Marcin Sędrowski

Senior Backend Developer

Adam Mruk

Software Engineer

Developing software runs in Adam's blood. Fascinated by technology, he observes how the meaning of cybersecurity rises. Always ready to help.

Jacek Głąb

Engineering Manager • Team Leader Frontend Developer

"My favorite technology basically is.. technology." Espresso-tonic rocks!

Rafał Skucha

Head of Finance and Administration

Rafał makes our work more convenient and smooth. He supports us in every field: operations and administration management, back-office and HR support. Known from his endless patience and British sense of humor. After hours he practises extreme sports.

Tomasz Kuzioła

Team Leader Senior Mobile Developer

Szymon Juskowiak

Business Analyst • Frontend Developer

Frontend developer with over five years of creating the last layer between the user and the system. UX enthusiast who helps with estimating and planning the shape of the application. Dj after hours.

Our door is always open to accountable and responsible specialists.

Our door is always open to accountable and responsible specialists.

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What is special about our technology company?

We help founders and product owners build pro-Earth and pro-people solutions. Energy sector, Healthcare, Logistics, and IoT are for us top of mind industries to support. They influence most of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We start with values, functional, and emotional, to understand business and end-users at its best. Digital products are more than just software.

When we commit to helping you, expect dedication and a variety of methodologies as a standard. What we ask in return is to treat us as your partner, and value our work with on-time payments.

Smart access to Polish or Estonian IT industry may strengthen your scale-up plans. DO OK is a co-founder of SoDA Poland (Software Development Association) and strategic partner of Allies.Digital (Estonia).

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