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Redux vs React Context: Which one is the right winner
In this article, we share a short overview of state management and Flux architecture. Then we focus on the advantages and disadvantages of Redux and Context and, finally, recap and clarify when is best to use these tools.
19.08.2020, 9 min read
Marta Zażlak
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5 popular Chat SDKs that make your app powerful and why you need one
If you consider implementing a chat within your app, then you’ve got a few options: develop a solution suited to your needs, or choose from a few ready-to-use tools. I was curious about the features available, and the most popular solutions on the market. In this article, I share a general overview of the possibilities of several SDK solutions.  
27.05.2020, 4 min read
Tomasz Kuzioła
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One cool training method to get better at app security
We live in amazing times. Since we use the internet every day on our mobile phones, tablets, and computers, in every moment we can order food for dinner, buy a book we always wanted to read, book a hotel for our vacations and much more. With all those possibilities comes a great issue: personal data we provide has to be stored securely. It’s not that simple. Almost every day we can find news about data leakages, stolen identity or money fraud.
16.04.2019, 5 min read
Adam Mruk
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