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3. Multiply your customer loyalty x5 thanks value-driven discovery workshops.

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The team you would like to work with
Effective software development is an effort of the entire team and sometimes might be a real challenge. But what does this really mean? Successful cooperation with each other and with the client to deliver products efficiently are determined by several factors.    We wrote about the Actify project and relations with the client here and here. It's high time to pass the voice to insiders: Tomek Wąsiński - Tech Lead, Artur Łągiewka - Backend Developer and Tomek Timoszyk - Project Manager share their thoughts and experience about working on wellbeing solutions for the Netherland client.
10.03.2021, 10 min read
Katarzyna Leszczynska-Bohdan
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Retrospective in Agile and Scrum. How to run it efficiently?
Why retrospective is so important? How to run an efficient Retrospective with your team? Which retrospective techniques to use? Marta Maciaszek, Senior Project Manager at DO OK, shares her experience.
10.02.2021, 8 min read
Marta Maciaszek
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Project estimation techniques in software engineering
If you are working on software development, you are most likely familiar with project estimation concepts. In the project management world there are several techniques and methods that may be used for project estimation. In this article we will describe the most common approaches, share our experience from DO OK and tips for your next project estimation.
20.01.2021, 9 min read
Marta Maciaszek
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What are the Five Phases in Software Delivery
In February 2020 PMI published PMI Pulse of the Profession that says: “Work has changed. So must the way the world thinks about projects.” We continuously need to improve our ways of working and develop our skills, but 2020 gave us a harsh lesson that we also need to be in some way agile. According to PMI, to be successful in the future, our organisations need to be agile, but also focus on the right technology and secure relevant skills. You can read further: “For the first time for Pulse, executive leaders identified which factors they see as the most important to achieve success in the future. The top three were: organisational agility (35 per cent), choosing the right technologies to invest in (32 per cent) and securing relevant skills (31 per cent).”  So let's focus on how the organisation can ensure agility in the management process for software delivery.
03.12.2020, 11 min read
Marta Maciaszek
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Role of Project Manager in Software Development
Project management becomes a critical aspect of the delivery and role of a Project Manager evaluates over time. Software project delivery is more and more challenging, as organizations do not only want to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing environment and achieve their goals but also control project cost and timeline. According to PMI Pulse of the Professions ® 2018 there is a prediction based on the interviews and research that the role of project manager will expand and include also being: strategic advisor, innovator, communicator, big thinker and versatile manager.
25.11.2020, 9 min read
Marta Maciaszek
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Project Management Methodologies: What Are They and When to Use Them
In any industry, managing projects from start to finish can be challenging, especially projects that involve a team. Fortunately, there are guidelines to structure and streamline the process for better organization and more efficient collaboration. But, they are not enough if you plan to work with Nordic SMEs.
23.11.2020, 7 min read
Dmitrij Żatuchin
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