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We believe in creating software that improves people’s lives.

We contribute to the growth of the digital revolution and hold the needs of both users and business partners in equal regard. Because of this, we aim to bridge the gap between software development and business to boost its value in our society. By proving to our partners that good software has an impact on their business, we will prove the power of clean code.

That’s why we solve business challenges with technology. Developing solutions for people first.

Our services

MVP Development

MVP Development

When you need to structure the idea first or prepare a proof-of-concept, our team will meet with you at discovery workshops and deliver the following key artifacts to help you develop the application or system you’re after:

  • A solid backlog that organizes the work into logical parts and which can be improved further when you start software development,
  • The initial plan that divides the backlog into phases or milestones, designed to prevent scope creep when the idea hasn’t been tested yet,
  • Initial system architecture which will cover the overall level of quality and cost you need to achieve your goals
  • The decision on the level of quality and scalability that will be required for the first version of the product,
  • List of key assumptions, dependencies, and risks that need to be taken into consideration when implementing the idea.

With these in hand, you will be clear to proceed with implementing your idea and growing your business. Awareness of both technical and business risks and dependencies will let you execute faster and with fewer hoops.

This solution we recommend for start-ups. Your MVP app appears faster than in the standard process. You can save a lot of time through quickly tests the main features on the market. Take the right decision on time, because of gaining feedback earlier from your first adopters. Validate the app and save up to 60% of your money.

Product Development

Product Development

We build end-to-end solutions for you. You will get a team of truly engaged developers and specialists including Business Analyst, Project Manager, Team Leader and Q&A at your disposal. You can count for full support from our side. We deliver quality software and put our hearts into it.

We cover production from scratch through continuous delivery. You can count on our backend, frontend and mobile developers in the team, who are supported by project managers, quality assurance, UX/UI designers, and business analysts.

Web Development

Web Development

Our teams have built a wide range of apps, frontend and backend systems, cloud computing, system architecture and integrations for various industries. We will help you make good decisions about technology to make your product successful.

Mobile Development

Mobile Development

We can help you to choose the best mobile solution for your service or product: cross-platform solution or native app for iOS or Android. We design complex workflows, interactions, and visualizations and create applications for IoT devices with Bluetooth and BLE communication. Our team has proofed experience with high-performed integrations with APIs and third parties. 

Key industries

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Check out our case study about big data integration services for modern Financial company

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Your project

Tell us more about what is your need and check what we can do together.

Team cooperation

Team Extension

We can join your team and support it with our skillset and experience

Dedicated Team

People are assigned to the project and focused on developing the solution for you

Autonomic Team

We set up a team which cover all roles, capable to work with your business from the first day

How we cooperate with you

After years of experience with previous projects, we built our way of work to solve business problems with technology.  We combine our deep understanding of what makes the difference in a project and precisely choose the best-fit solution in the agile approach.

Quality assurance, continuous integration, and deployment with up-to-date, cutting-edge technologies runs in our blood.

Our work process

Technology in use


Python / Go / JavaScript / TypeScript / Objective-C / Swift / Kotlin


SQL Databases / NoSQL / Databases / Cassandra


React / Vue / Angular / PWA / Falcon / React Native


AWS / Docker / Kubernetes

Tools we use

Jira / Slack / Trello / Github

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