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Product discovery workshop

Product discovery workshop

Strategic and practical sessions for founders and idea-makers


Our workshops on discovering business potential help entrepreneurs find out how to validate, design, and build software solutions so they can get to market fast.
Let's plan how to turn your start-up ideas into a product and launch it. 

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Who needs a product discovery workshop? 

Let's say you have a vision for a digital product, and you want to turn into reality - you want to design and build it in a smart way.
You have great ideas but limited implementation know-how.

If it’s an existing product, perhaps you want to extend or improve it with extra features. 
Possibly, you don’t have the proficiency or availability of the team to make it happen, so you need someone to guide you through the complex process.
You seek innovation, and you need to evaluate your concept and resources. 

Maybe you’re looking for external funding. You expect specialists who’ll convert your ideas into a functioning software solution.
At the same time, you would expect laying out the steps in sufficient detail for you to see what’s possible and at what cost.

Sounds familiar? Check which outcomes you can expect after our Discovery Workshops.

What are you looking for?

You want to get to market fast, so you need to start designing and building the product

You want to validate your idea and check its technical feasibility with experts

You need to plan financing, avoid unnecessary costs, and schedule the work on your end

You are looking for specific next steps to launch your product

You want a set of experienced IT professionals to help you avoid risks

If you seek some of these outcomes, then a Discovery Workshop is the right approach for you. Let’s do IT!

Structure of a Discovery Workshop


To address your needs, we propose running a multi-day online workshop.
It will be tailored to your specific situation; however, the overall structure of the work remains as follows:


I. Pre-workshop activities


We first talk to you to understand your background: 

• what is your "why" for business,

• what are you looking for

• what’s the vision for the product

• who are your target customers

• what’s the status of the work

• what technology do you plan to use (if selected) and why, etc.


At this phase, you may share any previous documentation or pre-existing work (an older version of the app, a design, backlog) that we will review and analyze.
We will recommend the workshop schedule, including your actual needs.


II. Workshop activities


It’s a series of meetings or online video conferences.
We highly recommend you to invite the main decision-makers (ideally founders themselves) to make workshops relevant.

Model activities during the workshop:

• Analyze your business model, including an impact on the product itself. 

• Review and encode existing business processes affecting the new product, e.g., through activities such as Event Storming.

• Map key user journeys to understand how users would interact with the product.

• Create an MVP scope (Minimum Viable Product).

• Identify key hypotheses and metrics to start tracking them to ensure product-market fit. Also, look at which customers to talk to verify the hypotheses.

• Create a more detailed product backlog and list technical assumptions to facilitate cost & time estimates.

• Create a few mockups if we need help imagining the solution (the more innovative the app, the more important this can be).

• Identify risks and strategies to mitigate them 

We pick the exact combination of these activities in the pre-workshop phase.
Typically workshop takes 3 to 5 days of joint work.  


III. Post-workshop

After the main joint sessions, we create the final deliverables in a sharable format in a couple of days. 

We could return with extra requests, but typically you will hear from us with the final artefacts.
We may also include a suggestion and offer for further work along with the artefact package.

The final step of the discovery workshop is an online or offline meeting to walk you through all the deliverables, to answer any remaining questions, and to plan future work.






Artifacts - what you get after the workshop

Validated MVP scope along with detailed product backlog and Key user journeys

Tech stack recommendation and High-level architecture for building and running MVP

Your business model analyzed with Lean Canvas or similar tool

Early estimate (cost, schedule, workload) of the MVP

Proposed project roadmap and team composition

Why us?

Our approach is based on 30+ combined years of experience with successful commercial projects and digital products.

More than 87% of the new products we have built up in the last two years started with successful workshops. 85% of our clients have continued to cooperate with us after workshops or consultations.

Start-up, scale-up, and mature companies decision-makers understand the value of workshops and consultations with us. We collaborated on creating customer-centric products and services for EduTech, FinTech, HealthTech, Logistic, Insurance, industries.


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