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Versa - Smart IoT Tracking Solution

Many of us have felt unsure about what is happening with our suitcases when we fly - did our bag even make it onto the same plane, was it delayed, or even lost? Worrying about your luggage when you travel can be a stressful experience. To help address this problem, Versa, in partnership with us, developed an IoT luggage tracker device. Since 2016, we have been supporting the development and implementing continuous improvements.  However, in March 2020, all air travel stopped temporarily due to the pandemic. It was a disruptive moment for many companies, including Versa. Our client immediately changed their focus, and together with them, we have had the pleasure to overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19 by developing a new product line - trackers for assets and cargo.

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Project details


Versa, a Dutch company, combined its passion for travelling and technology to develop an IoT luggage tracker device by partnering with different companies, including DO OK. Versa’s solution helped to address one of the biggest sources of customer dissatisfaction. With the tracker, passengers can have a stress-free travel experience, and airlines can provide better baggage services.

In 2020, COVID-19 disrupted Versa’s business model when air travel came to a sudden halt. Rather than see this as a disadvantage, Versa took the opportunity to follow up on requests for cargo and asset trackers that they had been receiving from the industry. Pivoting their business helped to meet the industry's needs and contribute to making a difference in the world during a challenging period. Versa’s trackers allow for real-time tracking of important factors (e.g. temperature) during transit and storage, and for reacting immediately if any environmental changes are not optimal for the shipment, preventing issues such as fresh food and medicine waste and spoilage.

Now, Versa actively tracks luggage, goods, and other assets all around the globe. The tracker uses a combination of technologies to track and communicate all the information needed to improve logistics. Sending alerts for tracking assets, inventory, and baggage (the tracker is compliant with aviation regulations and allowed onboard) helps customers to keep an eye on what is actually important.

To read more about Versa, check out their website.


Versa is our long-term partner. Our history goes back to 2016 when Versa was looking for a trustworthy partner to build an IoT hardware tracker and backend solution from scratch, based on their vision to improve the customer experience of the air travel industry. We gladly partnered with Versa, and over the first couple of years, we developed a final stable solution based on a strong prototype. When developing and maintaining the tracker, we are not only supplying the code but also proactively searching for solutions from the business point of view to fit the needs of the end-users. Together, we have had five exciting years of collaboration and overcoming challenges along the way.

One of the biggest challenges and opportunities was posed by COVID-19, when air travel stopped and Versa decided to pivot their business and focus on tracking assets and cargo. This required our team to also quickly change focus and adapt the system, introducing changes intended strictly for logistics by developing totally new features. We acted agilely by focusing on dynamic delivery of business value for Versa, helping prepare a new technical approach for the solution, while at the same time ensuring high-quality code. The agile way of working is critical for the team, in order to be able to meet the needs of the project such as adapting the API weekly or bi-weekly. One of the key factors to well-implemented changes is the commitment of the team members, who truly care about innovation and the client’s success. At the same time, a safe environment and open communication throughout the project have been facilitated, which contributed to successfully developing a new product line.

Using these methods, Versa and DO OK developed a totally new solution, allowing customers to track baggage and assets, and providing an opportunity for logistics to act immediately when something goes wrong. Shared data can also help to improve logistical procedures, optimize processes and enable structural improvements, as well as reduce customer support activities with real-time insight into the whereabouts of shipments.


● Long-term and trustworthy partnership - working together since 2016

● DO OK delivered the new product line from scratch: the backend, API, and frontend. The team reacted agilely to changes and helped figure out the best way to achieve the desired results from a technical implementation and concept perspective.

● Satisfied client with an NPS score of 9/10


“You [the DO OK team] all really amaze me and it is so great to see how you all take care of the software we're making. I am grateful for working with you. Thanks a million.With a project like this change really is a constant factor. Our brains think one thing today and something else tomorrow. We learn every day and priorities shift. What doesn’t change is our utmost respect for you. We enjoy working with you every day. The way you all show up amazes us and we’re looking forward to finally visiting Wroclaw again in the near future. I think I speak for everyone on the Dutch part of the Versa team when I say: we are grateful for having you on the team.”

- Arjen Ulrich, COO of Versa


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Project Summary

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  • 5 developers, PM
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  • 36000+ hours since 2016 (ongoing)
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Versa - Smart IoT Tracking Solution


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