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A digital platform where people can easily and free of charge create and store legal documents.

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Project details

About our client

TestaViva makes a legal business in Denmark. With the online platform, it’s easy to get the legal documents online. They help you to make sure you have legally secured yourself and taken a position on what should happen to your inheritance and your values. It’s not only about the documents. There is a lot of other values you probably want to consider like digital inheritance, intellectual properties, estates and many more where they can help you.


Basing on the experience of the founder with inheritance case that went wrong, the aim was to help other people avoid such situations. With TestaViva you can easily and free of charge design your will, marriage, co-operation and benefits statement. Those documents and decisions will be securely stored and after you pass away. TestaViva makes sure everything will be done just like you have decided.


TestaViva had some bunch of custom frontend development work to be delivered. They were looking for React experts, with an attentive approach to HTML, and CSS, who could work fast and effectively.


TestAviva found DO OK to be a partner, who delivered two-month work in just one month. The final deadline was achieved and the client successfully launched planned demos for partners. To help TestaViva, our team was working even on weekends. Real nordic "sisu" approach.


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  • React

Project Summary

Team size
  • 2 developers
Project size
  • +300 h
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