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Track your progress easily with Trello Stats - an extension to Trello.

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Project details

Project description

Trello Stats is our internal DO OK project. One of our company’s goals is to make lives easier. The aim here was to create an extension that would help to increase productivity even more, for all Trello users all over the world.


Generally, Trello has no way of precisely tracking task status for each user. This observation ignited the fire and made us create an app that would remedy the issue. The main challenge was to present the data more effectively and make it seem like a productivity hack rather than a distraction. We aimed to create a simple, minimalist, clean interface to present the user’s progress.

We delivered

The job was to make the client-side of the application and the server-side to interact with the Trello API. For the front-end, we used React.js -- a Javascript framework that ensures quick rendering of the website, lets us write stable code and is great for writing dynamic web applications thanks to the use of JSX. For the back-end, we used the fast, most popular, and widely supported Express.js to write the server. Last but not least, MongoDB was used for the database since it provides a lot of elasticity in the prototyping phase.


We’re happy that we could work on a product that would help make it easier to track productivity. It’s super easy to get into, with two clicks away from seeing the whole team’s data.


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  • + 600 h
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