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Insights & Knowledge

Insights & Knowledge

Sharing is caring. Here you find sparks of our daily work and broad point of view on the industry we live in. Feel invited to check our latest blog posts or watch some of our videos. We are still a bit shy and prefer to help with software challenges directly with you than talk about it in front of the camera, but we're working hard to share insightful materials. We hope you'll enjoy it.


Making users' life easier means also sharing knowledge and experience. That's why our team is blogging. 

Latest Blogs
DO OK is part of the top 7% global software engineering vendors on Pangea
We are proud to announce that DO OK is now a verified Pangea vendor. This means that we have been recognized as part of an elite community of the top 7% software engineering companies and through our Pangea profile, we will further our commitment to transparency towards our current and future partners.
25.11.2022 , 5 min read
Anca Papainog
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Time to market is more critical than in-house engineering
What is near-sourcing? How to start a development project fast without in-house engineers? Why run an on-site discovery workshop? We'll elaborate on these questions further. Today Finland, Sweden, and Norway experience a massive demand for all engineering disciplines. Government figures show that at least 650,000 people work in ICT, rising all the time. As technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives, the need for software, hardware, web, and embedded developers grows across the Nordic region. In addition to this equation, some available resources unfortunately only have experience with old obsolete or unfit technologies or tools - with a need for an immediate update, like with, i.e. Python 2, which is officially sunset by Python.org on January 1, 2020. Recruiting new skills is a time-consuming process. Finding the person with adequate competencies and being a match with the team is not easy. From the perspective of the result, it is often more important to bring the new service or product early to the market than have a particular skill in-house.  
22.03.2022 , 7 min read
Dmitrij Żatuchin
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DO OK Recognized as One of Estonia’s Most Reviewed IT Services Companies by The Manifest
Our team is among the few companies that were listed as the most reviewed IT services in all of Estonia
06.12.2021 , 2 min read
Mihail Yarashuk
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Keep up to date with technology. Here you find selected videos from our internal meetups.

User Experience - ludzka strona IT / Dookathon #4

UX project in the eyes of the programmer: Is UX worth the attention and money? What if there is no research budget? Why is the interface usually created in an atmosphere of conflict? Pros and cons of working as a UX designer. Video is in Polish

Czy naprawdę potrzebujesz Cassandry? / DOOKathon #3

A brief introduction to Cassandra. Use it or not?

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Due to various political and economic hardships in the past, thinking outside the box and problem-solving approach has become something of a national specialty and virtue.

Trustworthy, highly-skilled specialists (Polish developers are in the top rankings with scores 98/100. We are especially experts in Algorithms, Java, Python)

Cultural likeness, strong ethical standards (Cooperation with international clients taught us to be sensitive and understand their perspective)

Full responsibility and support (You can count on us: business analysis, consulting, SLA, etc. We will make your business work with technology.)

High proficiency in English (Poland has #11/32 position in Europe )


Our offices are located in the European Union, in the center of Europe. Polish economy incorporates various characteristics defining it as a perfect partner for cooperation.

Poland gained developed market status in indices run by FTSE Russell. The first country in the world to be awarded such an upgrade in almost a decade.

The stable and healthy economy. Poland had the biggest GDP per capita growth in the OECD and in Europe - it increased over 7 times. DO OK is listed on New Connect Exchange.

Low labour costs and attractive tax incentive compared to Western Europe and the US. We have low inflation, low CIT and special economic zones.

The Polish ICT sector is recording the average annual increase in turnover amounting to over 8.6%.

How to craft a value-driven backlog. Values which drive your business.

A guide to help you squeeze out the essence of your business into a product backlog for further development or reexamine the current.

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