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See you at sTARTUp Day in Estonia!

We believe in the startup mindset and life-changing IT products, just like you. 

Achieving bold goals and being humble at the same time is challenging but necessary nowadays.
After ten years on the market, we've figured out how to change the brilliant idea into a working IT product. Strong statement? Our partners and clients can confirm this testimony. 

Let's develop a positive impact together!

29-31 January, Tartu, Estonia

Meet a team of tech-savvy passionates, on the mission, to bring you peace of mind.

We cover a niche of a real partnership with companies that improve people’s lives through IT product or services. You can expect delivered solutions, substantive feedback, and actual assistance in the process of developing your product. We are in Top 5 Estonia Custom Software Developers on Clutch!

TOP 5 in Estonia

Selected projects

From technology consulting, X-ray workshops, and MVP development to full product launch. We develop solutions for people first.

Reliable solutions for FinTech

Research scientists needed quickly and efficiently investigate the problems their organization faces. We boosted the amount of data available from day one. BMLL provides a powerful platform for analyzing Limit Order Book and Complementary Datasets in the cloud. We created multiple parsers to analyze and normalize each of the datasets to build up a solid history of data for the platform.

Close collaboration with HealthTech

Actify aims to help people live healthier lives by building healthy habits in small steps as digital vitality coach with audio coaching for meditation and mindfulness, a system of challenges, goal-setting, and positive reinforcements, and food recipes. We are responsible for developing API, back-end and front-end of the system, integration with existing company’s products, mobile application, and CMS.

How we solve business challenges with technology.

We speak business language. Premium software services are more than just outsourcing. We take responsibility and provide full support by accomplishing clients' business goals.

The supreme quality as a standard. If you value clear communication, agile methodologies, and time and material approach we are on the same page.

Expect strong ethical standards and culture. Cooperation with international clients taught us to be sensitive and understand their perspective.

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