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Like you, we believe in the startup mindset and life-changing IT products. 

Achieving bold goals and being humble at the same time is challenging but necessary nowadays.
After twelve years on the market, we've figured out how to change the brilliant idea into a working digital product. Strong statement? Our partners and clients can confirm this testimony. 

Let's develop the next meaningful digital product together!

29-30 January, Tartu, Estonia

Meet a team of digital professionals.

We cover a niche of a genuine partnership with companies that improve people’s lives through digital transformation. Be sure to get a value-focused discovery workshop, business analysis, technical architecture consultancy, and maintainable software development. Our clients from the Nordics rate us with an average NPS of 76. Kind of self-explanatory.

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Selected cases

From technology consulting, discovery workshops, and MVP development to full product launch with millions of devices. We develop efficient solutions.

Reliable fire-prevention solution

We developed a fire alarm app with Vestfold Audio, a Norwegian company that alerts users about a fire in a selected building, such as a hotel. The app is designed for hearing impairment, but several clients of Vestfold Audio will offer the application to all guests at their locations. We had the pleasure of working with Vestfold Audio and successfully delivering the software solution by developing a cross-platform application and creating UI designs.

IoT Solution for Logistics, Aerospace, and Cargo

Versa, a Dutch company, combined its passion for travelling and technology to develop an IoT luggage tracker device by partnering with different companies, including DO OK. Versa’s solution helped to address one of the most significant sources of customer dissatisfaction. With the tracker, passengers can have a stress-free travel experience, and airlines can provide better baggage services. Versa actively tracks luggage, goods, and other assets all around the globe.

How we solve business challenges with technology.

We speak business language. Premium software services are more than just outsourcing. We take responsibility and provide full support by accomplishing clients' business goals, starting with a proper workshop with our analyst and architect.

The supreme quality as a standard is confirmed with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO27018. If you value clear communication, clean code, agile methodologies, and time and material settlements - we are on the same page.

Expect strong ethical standards and human culture. The mission influences our cooperation with ethical clients, being sensitive to more than profits and risks.

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