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Let's say you want to extend or improve your existing product.
You know what the industry and customers need. To make it happen, you want the team that guides you through the complex process of product development. You seek an evaluation of your innovative concept or resources.

Perhaps you're looking for external funding at Tech BBQ. You seek specialists who'll help you transform your PoC or MVP into a functioning software solution to impress investors, get to market fast, and satisfy customers.

Sounds familiar? Book a free discovery consultation with our team.

Expect quality conversation with devising the detailed steps for you to see what's possible and at what cost.


What are you looking for your startup at Tech BBQ?

You want to get to market fast, so you need to start designing and building the product

You want to validate your idea, PoC or MVP and check its technical feasibility with experts.

You need to plan financing, avoid unnecessary costs and schedule the work on your end.

Book a non-binding call with our expert.

We speak business language. Expect strong ethical standards and culture. Cooperation with international clients taught us to be sensitive and understand their perspective.

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"The project began with a discovery workshop which allowed us to establish the proof of concept.
Before completion, the product was available for testing and DO OK provided
full support with adjusting the product based on our feedback

~ Project Manager @ Translavic

Meet us at Tech BBQ 2020

Why us

Before creation customer-centric products and services, we regularly provide workshops and consultations for clients from Digital Health & Wellness, EduTech, FinTech, and Logistic industries.

More than 87% of the new products we have built up in the last two years started with successful workshops. 85% of our clients have continued to cooperate with us after workshops or consultations.

Over the last 10 years our team supported clients from over 16 countries delivering over 150 design and development projects.


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