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Optima Sport - athletic recovery with remote-controlled boots

Optima Sport, dedicated to advancing athletic recovery, partnered with DO OK to address a critical need: their top-tier Recovery Boots were paired with software that didn't fully meet user expectations. Our mission was to create a mobile application that was as intuitive and efficient as the Recovery Boots themselves. Embracing the challenge, we set out to deliver a solution that was user-friendly, lightweight, and scalable, ensuring it perfectly complemented Optima Sport's hardware.

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Project details


Optima Sport was founded to provide athletes, coaches and sports enthusiasts worldwide with a competitive edge, transforming recovery—a crucial aspect of any training regimen—into a process that is both incredibly efficient and enjoyable.

Optima Sport's Recovery Boots are engineered to significantly enhance the recovery process by:

  • Accelerating recovery following rigorous workouts
  • Minimising the risk of injuries
  • Reducing the time needed for recovery after injuries
  • Preventing the sensation of heavy legs

The accompanying mobile app offers users the convenience of managing their Recovery Boots remotely, with features that allow them to:

  • Choose their preferred recovery program
  • Customise predefined programs by selecting any combination of air chambers for the massage routine
  • Set the duration for the massage
  • Adjust the pressure to their comfort level
  • Activate or deactivate specific air chamber

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Why did Optima Sport choose DO OK?

It all started when our client came to us with a demo app that had been pre written by hardware developers. We quickly realised that the entire app needed to be rebuilt from scratch, focusing on ensuring high scalability for the solution. Within just 2 weeks, we reconstructed the app from the ground up to perfectly fit our client's needs. A few months later, the client returned, requiring adjustments to the app to ensure compatibility with a new generation of hardware. This involved some firmware analysis on our part.  Leveraging our previously developed custom solution, we successfully delivered the updated app within a week.

But most importantly, Optima Sport chose to collaborate with DO OK due to our methodical approach. The client specialises in sport recovery devices and needed comprehensive support during the app development. From the very beginning, Optima Sport appreciated our consulting services and proficiency in advising on technology selection, project setup, and planning for release.  

What did Optima Sport need us to build?

The primary objective was to develop an app that would be user-friendly, straightforward, light in weight, and technically scalable. As a result, Optima Sport now features a highly UX-centric BLE controller, enabling users to set aside the bulky Optima pump and comfortably regulate the massage settings directly from their smartphones. Moreover, the app simplifies consistent usage by remembering previously used devices and automatically reconnecting to the last one used, all without requiring any backend or an internet connection. Shortly, the app is set to support various Optima device models, with the introduction of new generations necessitating only minimal adjustments within the application.

We have crafted a solution that facilitates the management of multiple device models. This innovation significantly enhances the convenience for athletes in managing their recovery options and massage programs.

What was the role of DO OK?

The client, primarily a business expert without a technical background, depended on us for more than just consulting and software development. We also took on the essential task of breaking down and explaining complex technical details in a way that was easy for them to understand. Most importantly, we focused on creating the mobile app using Flutter, a flexible cross-platform framework based on the programming language Dart. For this, we relied on our internally developed, custom mobile IoT template solution, ensuring a seamless and effective app development process.

What technologies did we use?

Flutter is a cross-platform technology emphasising the UI/UX of mobile applications. It enhances the app's aesthetics and performance, and its focus on modularisation enables swift software extensions for new generations of Optima devices.

BLE stands as the premier choice for remote controllers. It consumes minimal energy, boasts simplicity and universality, and offers an impressive range, especially considering the origins of Bluetooth technologies.

Custom DO OK solution - a Bluetooth controller project template. This internally developed tool streamlines the creation of apps for controlling IoT devices, reducing the development time and cost. It's a cross-platform solution that supports Android and iOS, built on the robust Flutter framework.


  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Flutter

Project Summary

Team size
  • Business Analyst
  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Flutter Developer
  • Project Manager
Project size
  • 745 hours
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