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Moving from Android mobile development to Java web development
A few thoughts on the switching from Android development to Java web development. There will be rather loose thoughts. I’ve shaped them on the basis of my own experience as a programmer who after 1.5 years abandoned Android to create a backend in Java. I encourage you to read this if you center your thoughts on such a change.
12.06.2019, 5 min read
Grzegorz Pijański
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Gradle, multi-project builds explained
In this article, I will try to cover some of the most used Gradle features. I will be focusing on multi-project builds since this is the most common type of Gradle build you will ever see. There will be quite a lot of code to help you understand the concepts and solutions. Keeping things short let’s skip to the important part.
05.06.2019, 6 min read
Łukasz Gosiewski
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