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Moving from Android mobile development to Java web development
Here are a few thoughts on transitioning from Android development to Java web development. These thoughts may be somewhat informal, but they are shaped by my own experience as a programmer who, after 1.5 years, shifted from Android development to creating a backend in Java. I encourage you to read this if you are contemplating such a change in your career path.
12.06.2019, 4 min read
Grzegorz Pijański
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Spicy Lombok library for your Java code
In this blog post, we share with you some benefits from using Lombok - a Java library that helps to decrease a boilerplate. You can see, how to use Lombok and discover some particular details you may don’t know yet. Also, you will find out if it’s possible to use this library with other languages.
17.05.2019, 6 min read
Grzegorz Pijański
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