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Sales process transformation for #1 consumer electronic retailer in Europe

The company is #1 European consumer electronics retail. It has a chain of more than 1000 stores globally.  The company started its online operations in 2012, developing its own retail software solutions integrated well with telemarketing processes to start their company digitization process. 

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Project details

The story behind

In 2015 we've predicted that because of changes in customer values, the way of obtaining goods and satisfying the needs by retail chains will also change. We didn't know that COVID-19 will happen. What we knew, that the roles will reverse -  real offline sales drops will affect all industries, the store will change into a showroom and clients will need a simple service to decide online.


At our stage, with the functionality of video consulting, we saw to increase the chance of making a decision by someone who has not made a decision to buy in an online store so far. This someone, at the moment, may buy in the nearest store.

Until now, the customer had not bought because he had a limitation, he could not make up his mind because he or she did not see the product, could not immediately talk to a specialist, assistant-seller, when the questions or hesitations raised.

With our solutions, this retailer has a chance to support the decision-making of undecided, moving deeper into the sales funnel the customer.

So far, customers have their own habits about how to make a purchase - telephone, actual store, network. They don't change quickly. The effect of the customer stream shifting buying to another channel will not be immediately visible. Long term, yes.

But is it avoidable? Should you not make it easier to keep sales in the hands of those who earn the most at the moment, instead of thinking about how people prefer or will make a purchase?

We understand that changes do not come easily. That's why we proposed a 360-degree feasibility study.

The outcome

The result of our business analysis was 360-degree research and design of the digital transformation of customer consulting and sales processes in 100 stores of #1 European retailer.

Our team delivered:

  • 72-page feasibility study incl. hardware and software landscape analysis 
  • BPM-compatible diagrams with new processes designed
  • Business Case
  • On-site interviews summary
  • Proof of concept materialized in a native iOS application

What client said

We think that it is worth being prepared and being right in a place with ready software to support customers to make well-thought decisions and spend more with this retailer.


  • Business Process Modeling
  • Interviews
  • Architecture Design
  • iOS

Project Summary

Team size
  • 1 x Business Analyst
  • 1 x Technical Architect
  • 1 x iOS Developer
Project size
  • 400 hours

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