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How to Know if React Native Development is the Right Choice for Your Application
What is React Native? How does it work? How does it compare to native development (like iOS and Android) and other frameworks? We’ll answer these questions for you in this article.
24.09.2021, 9 min read
Yannick Caron
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Actify - Wellness and digital health solution for a healthier life
Over the past few years, living a healthy lifestyle has become the thing. The trend of apps offer health-related services on smartphones is overflowing.    Mobile apps and devices have become our personal fitness trainer and portals to wellness needs. Actify has been striving to help live healthier in small steps for years.
22.06.2020, 4 min read
Katarzyna Leszczynska-Bohdan
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Expo for React Native - speed up your development
Examine Expo XDE, an open-source and free suite of development tools built on the React Native framework. Expo XDE aims to streamline and simplify the mobile app development process, from project initiation and working with device APIs to app publishing and updates. This comprehensive toolkit includes a graphical integrated development environment (IDE), a command-line interface (CLI), and an extensive library of pre-built functional components that cater to various popular mobile use cases. These components encompass features like push notifications, device functionalities such as the camera and maps, biometric handling, and more. It's worth noting that Expo was incubated as part of Y Combinator's startup accelerator program, specifically the class of summer 2016.
13.11.2018, 10 min read
Szymon Juskowiak
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Cross-platform project struggles: a Navigation story
What should you consider when choosing React Native instead of native mobile development? In this article, I will reveal top pitfalls related to building a smooth navigation experience for end-users of your mobile application.
17.08.2018, 4 min read
Piotr Olejnik
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