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Actify - Wellness and digital health solution for a healthier life

Over the past few years, living a healthy lifestyle has become the thing. The trend of apps offer health-related services on smartphones is overflowing. 


Mobile apps and devices have become our personal fitness trainer and portals to wellness needs. Actify has been striving to help live healthier in small steps for years.

Report of Zion Market Research forecasts that the global mHealth apps market will generate around USD 111.1 bln by 2025, at a CAGR of around 38.26% between 2019 and 2025.

Global downloads of Health & Fitness category apps are already up a record 47% year-over-year in Q2 2020 to about 656 million with a month remaining in the quarter, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates show.


Global health and fitness app installs by quarter 2020


The main reasons for using mobile apps for fitness and becoming more healthy are tracking goals, monitoring health issues, and staying motivated.

Health and Fitness apps set a global record for the highest level of weekly downloads at 59 million (22-28 March 2020). This number is an increase of 40% compared to the weekly average in January and February 2020. 

According to a Longitudinal Study, mHealth app users need instructions, motivation, accessibility, and accountability - both for physical and mental wellness. It can be assumed, the COVID-19 lockdown highlighted what they need.

The DO OK team is pleased to participate in the production and development of one of such mHealth solutions.


Health and fitness apps download spends


The Vitality Coach

Actify helps to motivate changing users' habits by reminding them about regular mini-actions in Activity and Healthy Nutrition areas. A mini is a small exercise that helps live a healthier life that is easy to integrate into daily habits. It can be added many minis per day. The user may choose preset goals or set up individual ones and levels of motivation in pedometer, meditations, recipes, and hydration.

Moreover, the app allows access to the external reward program. Actify has over 90,000 users, of which women aged 40+ are the largest user group. The application is available to everyone in the Netherlands. 

Actify app


Discovering the real needs

We've started with a basic app concept and UI mockups prepared by the client. Based on graphics, we prepared specific user stories to understand the scale and complexity of the flow. We worked in a team of Project Manager, UI & UX designer, tech lead.
Being on the right path with the scope of work was extremely important for us, that's why we've cooperated closely with the client from the very beginning. Every step and feature in user stories were consulted with the Actify team.
As a result, we had a complete scope of MVP, estimated the time and budget. Our team was ready to start working on the backend of this custom solution.


Product development

We appreciate the very open and aware collaboration with the client. The Product Owner cooperates with the Tech Lead closely, so they are familiar with the software development process. 

On the other hand, our team has vast knowledge about technology and, from time to time, challenges the client about the next steps or planned features. We are all committed to the search for the best-suited solutions.

The agile approach involves all the team in product development to determine the scope of work during planning sessions and the following sprint. One of our routines is working in Scrum with regular 3-weeks sprints.

In addition to planning tasks, developers discuss and advise the legitimacy and accuracy of solutions. Tech lead takes care of the concept solutions and verification of technology capabilities based on the client's requirements. The team feels responsible for the whole software development process.

To secure the smooth of the development process, the project manager takes care of the team and monitors the progress. The responsibility of this role is also verification the compliance of estimation and budget and coordinates the availability of the team members.
We provide our client with regular meeting calls, open communication, and full access to status with progress agenda. This manner guarantees maximum transparency of the project.

The application has been completely redesigned recently. The main goal of working on UI & UX was to be as user friendly as possible. Our efforts focused on creating an application running in the background as an unnoticeable routine after the first settings configuration.

The solution is developed in Python, DDD/SOLID, Kafka, React Native, React, Kubernetes.



Feedback from the client

There are a few skills that the client noticed and feedback us: communication skills. Being curious and inquiring when anything was unclear, is as important as simplifying the challenges and explaining complex components to the Product Owner. Asking questions about the domain, comparing knowledge, assumptions, and verification them with data is an essential part of working on the product. 

The client also appreciates open minds of the dev team and a deep willingness to understand business goals to apply, test, and implement the most relevant features and updates to the solution. 

Furthermore, the team constantly checks what is up to date in the industry and other aspects because some solutions may arise in extraordinary places. 
The Actify team treats us as a tech partner - they count on our experience and proactive approach. We’ve built trust based on delivering high-quality solutions on time.

We hope our goal of developing stable and scalable software brings the end-users goal to reality: make the health and wellness activity more satisfying and efficient for all. 


Hungry for more? See the details about the Actify project in our portfolio.


Are you interested in more cases like this? Please let us know. We're happy to share!


Author: Katarzyna Leszczyńska-Bohdan

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