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How to Know if React Native Development is the Right Choice for Your Application
What is React Native? How does it work? How does it compare to native development (like iOS and Android) and other frameworks? We’ll answer these questions for you in this article.
24.09.2021, 9 min read
Yannick Caron
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React Context vs Redux: Which one is the right winner
In this article, we provide a concise overview of state management, the Context API, and Flux architecture. Our emphasis is on exploring the pros and cons of React Context and Redux to recap and clarify the best tool for a React app.
19.08.2020, 10 min read
Marta Zażlak
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React vs Vue in 2020. Differentiators Worth To Compare
Typically, the most popular solutions are created by large software companies that provide permanent support, maintenance, and build community. A similar case is with React, created by Facebook, and Vue.js, by Every You. Both are under the MIT license that allows using them in professional software development for commercial usage. Here, we focus on objective criteria to compare React vs Vue.  
27.07.2020, 7 min read
Marta Zażlak
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React vs Vue in 2020. What is the best choice?
In this blog post, you’ll learn about making the right choices through comparing two popular front-end frameworks, Vue and React, by a set of objective criteria. You will find it useful if you are to make a technology decision and want to understand what main differences are between React and Vue-based solutions.
16.07.2020, 7 min read
Marta Zażlak
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Actify - Wellness and digital health solution for a healthier life
Over the past few years, living a healthy lifestyle has become the thing. The trend of apps offer health-related services on smartphones is overflowing.    Mobile apps and devices have become our personal fitness trainer and portals to wellness needs. Actify has been striving to help live healthier in small steps for years.
22.06.2020, 4 min read
Katarzyna Leszczynska-Bohdan
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Quickstart for testing your react app with react-testing-library
You're aware of the importance of writing tests for your React app, but it can sometimes be challenging to get started. There are numerous questions about the approach, libraries, implementation, and more, which can be overwhelming and discourage us from writing tests. In this article, I aim to provide practical ways to begin writing tests for your React app, achieve good coverage, and keep the process simple and scalable.
16.12.2019, 10 min read
Adam Mruk
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