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Role of Project Manager in Software Development
Project management is increasingly crucial in the delivery process, and the role of a Project Manager evolves. Delivering software projects is becoming more challenging. Organizations aim to swiftly adapt to rapidly changing environments and achieve their goals while also controlling project costs and timelines. According to PMI Pulse of the Professions ® 2018, there is a prediction based on the interviews and research that the role of project manager will expand and include also being: a strategic advisor, innovator, communicator, big thinker, and versatile manager.
25.11.2020, 9 min read
Marta Maciaszek
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Value-driven Business Analysis Tools, Techniques and Methodologies
It would be impossible to cover the entire spectrum of business analysis tools and techniques with anything short of an encyclopedia-sized volume. In this article, we will explore a subset of business analysis techniques that we have integrated into our digital consulting at DO OK, using a methodological toolbox developed over thousands of hours working with many different clients across a wide variety of industries.
03.11.2020, 9 min read
Dmitrij Żatuchin
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How to Run a Product Development Workshop
Throughout the preceding articles in this series, we’ve explored the discovery phase of project management, the benefits of conducting discovery workshops for startups, the product development process, and some considerations regarding whether to run a product workshop. Today, we’re delving deeper into how to conduct a product development workshop and what to anticipate at different stages of the process.
27.10.2020, 8 min read
Dmitrij Żatuchin
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5 popular Chat SDKs that make your app powerful and why you need one
If you're considering implementing a chat within your app, you have a few options: you can either develop a solution suited to your needs or choose from a few ready-to-use tools. I was curious about the features available and the most popular solutions on the market. In this article, I'll provide a general overview of the possibilities of several SDK solutions.
27.05.2020, 4 min read
Tomasz Kuzioła
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Trello Stats - Track productivity in a simple way
Tracking teams' productivity has always been a challenge. The Trello tool helps organize work and complete tasks efficiently. However, understanding how to interpret the completed cards is crucial for assessing your team's efficiency. In this article, I will delve into the concept behind Trello Stats, discussing the challenges I faced as a front-end developer and sharing the lessons I learned along the way.
15.10.2019, 7 min read
Adrian Capitta
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Why should you consider working with story points?
If you are a project manager, product owner or a business analyst, and you are about to estimate a digital transformation project in story points for the first time, this blog post is for you.
11.12.2018, 9 min read
Michał Gorski
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