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DO OK Recognized as One of Estonia’s Most Reviewed IT Services Companies by The Manifest
Our team is among the few companies that were listed as the most reviewed IT services in all of Estonia
06.12.2021, 1 min read
Mihail Yarashuk
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How to make the most out of the collaboration between a Business Analyst and a Technical Architect
To make proper technology assumptions for your product roadmap, a product owner or business analyst is not enough. The process may get complex right after the first user story you try to debrief. In this article, we share our understanding of a Technical Architect's role and its value to the project. Why do we need TA explicitly? How does it differ from having a senior engineer on your team? What are the touchpoints between business analysts and technical architects?  Continue reading, and you will understand why the collaboration between these two is crucial for successful delivery.
07.01.2021, 8 min read
Piotr Maniewski
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What are the Five Phases in Software Delivery
In February 2020 PMI published PMI Pulse of the Profession that says: “Work has changed. So must the way the world thinks about projects.” We continuously need to improve our ways of working and develop our skills, but 2020 gave us a harsh lesson that we also need to be somewhat agile. According to PMI, to be successful in the future, our organizations need to be agile, but also focus on the right technology and secure relevant skills. You can read further: “For the first time for Pulse, executive leaders identified which factors they see as the most important to achieve success in the future. The top three were: organisational agility (35 per cent), choosing the right technologies to invest in (32 per cent) and securing relevant skills (31 per cent).”  So let's focus on how the organization can ensure agility in the management process for software delivery.
03.12.2020, 11 min read
Marta Maciaszek
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React vs Vue in 2020. Differentiators Worth To Compare
Typically, the most popular solutions are created by large software companies that provide permanent support, maintenance, and build community. A similar case is with React, created by Facebook, and Vue.js, by Every You. Both are under the MIT license that allows using them in professional software development for commercial usage. Here, we focus on objective criteria to compare React vs Vue.  
27.07.2020, 7 min read
Marta Zażlak
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React vs Vue in 2020. What is the best choice?
In this blog post, you’ll learn about making the right choices through comparing two popular front-end frameworks, Vue and React, by a set of objective criteria. You will find it useful if you are to make a technology decision and want to understand what main differences are between React and Vue-based solutions.
16.07.2020, 7 min read
Marta Zażlak
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5 popular Chat SDKs that make your app powerful and why you need one
If you're considering implementing a chat within your app, you have a few options: you can either develop a solution suited to your needs or choose from a few ready-to-use tools. I was curious about the features available and the most popular solutions on the market. In this article, I'll provide a general overview of the possibilities of several SDK solutions.
27.05.2020, 4 min read
Tomasz Kuzioła
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FakeHunter: how to deal with fake news using technology
Our special Ikigai Team's developed a system to fight with misinformation during the pandemic. In only four weeks, we've created a system that allows verifying Coronavirus-related (but not limited to) information based on a crowdsourcing approach, with future extension to NLP.   The project was realized as a part of DO OK's pro bono activities to develop fully working open-source solutions. Our clients were The Polish Press Agency and The Ministry of Digitization on behalf of the Office of the Prime Minister of Poland.  
30.04.2020, 6 min read
Katarzyna Leszczynska-Bohdan
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CEOs insights - how to be prepared for superior business relations
Every company has its business life cycle and building long-term relations might have a bit different energy and course. We look for valuable insights from each meeting or event, and a lot of them are worth being shared.
26.07.2019, 6 min read
Katarzyna Leszczynska-Bhodan
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How to serve web app that supports specific browsers?
Building websites or web apps for all major browsers means extra work to do because you must ensure that all of the code you write is supported in each browser.
19.04.2019, 4 min read
Piotr Broniszewski
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Mindfulness in business
Conferences like Slush, TechCrunch or WebSummit are great opportunities to get news from the industry, share experience and discuss case studies. One of the essential parts of such events is meeting people and listening to them, but not necessarily selling.
30.11.2018, 2 min read
Katarzyna Leszczyńska-Bohdan
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Expo for React Native - speed up your development
Examine Expo XDE, an open-source and free suite of development tools built on the React Native framework. Expo XDE aims to streamline and simplify the mobile app development process, from project initiation and working with device APIs to app publishing and updates. This comprehensive toolkit includes a graphical integrated development environment (IDE), a command-line interface (CLI), and an extensive library of pre-built functional components that cater to various popular mobile use cases. These components encompass features like push notifications, device functionalities such as the camera and maps, biometric handling, and more. It's worth noting that Expo was incubated as part of Y Combinator's startup accelerator program, specifically the class of summer 2016.
13.11.2018, 10 min read
Szymon Juskowiak
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